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The Lyons Brand in the Lives of Brazilians in the USA

More than Transactions: A Story of Over Two Decades

Lyons is not just a remittance platform; it is an integral part of the history of Brazilians in the USA. Over the years, Lyons has accompanied the lives of countless Brazilians, offering a service that goes beyond expectations, with the speed and reliability that only experience can provide. Lyons Xpress understands that the ability to perform international financial transactions quickly and securely is more than a luxury – it is a necessity. With the Lyons+ APP, a simple click is enough to send your money from the United States to Brazil or vice versa. This agility is the result of more than two decades of innovation and commitment to excellence, ensuring that your remittances are processed quickly.


Loyalty that Speaks for Itself

 The loyalty of our users is the most powerful truth of the quality of our services. It is the very guarantee of the services we provide. The constant choice of the Lyons+ APP by Brazilians in the USA reflects the satisfaction and trust they place in us. They know that with Lyons, their remittances are in good hands.