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20 Years of Credibility

With 20 years of market presence, Lyons Xpress has remained active in its area as a money transmitter and check cashing company, going unscathed by the most diverse transformations in the contemporary world – especially in the economic sector.

The company made its initial appearance in 2001 as Lyons Travel. In 2007, it adopted the name Lyons Money Transfer with the destiny of becoming a licensed money transmitter and check cashing company. In 2020, the company underwent a rebranding and Lyons Xpress emerged.

While the company has undergone a few changes, it maintains its fundamental values. The spirit of its founder – whose footprints are followed by the existing directorate – has been guided by the purpose of acting with excellence, and to guaranteeing customers much needed security and sense of familiarity. It developed its activities in a highly professional and responsible manner. Which is why its credibility index has always been high in the view of its vast and diverse clientele.

With this, we have established the best and most competent team of employees; all trained and constantly improving the performance of their duties. This ensures that customers and agents receive high-level treatment. This easy, direct, and permanent communication not only helps to dispel doubts but also prevents mistake; showing that fairness and transparency while dealing with the interests of customers are significant qualities of Lyons Xpress.

Working with accredited agents on the east coast of the United States. All of whom are really the protagonists of our history; we owe a lot to them for the progress we had hoped for and achieved over these two decades. We dream and achieve together the growth of our brand, without trampling or precipitation. Every step taken to providing the best possible customer service; the same ideal encouraged by the founding spirit.

Another differential of Lyons Express is the fact that our office is open 7 days a week. That is, from Sunday to Sunday, we are here providing interested parties with the opportunity to address questions, concerns, and to help, regardless of it being a “business day” or not.

Preserving the values of its past and focused on the challenges of the present, Lyons Xpress moves towards the future. To offer even more agility and comfort to its clientele, it launches the  Lyons Xpres application, which enables the online use of its services. Simultaneously, it implements a bold expansionist project; seeking accreditation in more US states and future sights set on providing money transfer services to other countries, not just Brazil!

As you can see, dreams do not end here. Neither have the achievements.

With 20 years of market presence, a company that carries out serious, honest work and revolves around the goal to satisfy clients and accredited agents. It is with these same aims that we will promote the advances demanded by modernity. The building of our organization grows and boasts but remains underpinned by unbreakable foundations.


Be recognized as the most reliable and relevant company in providing services to the Brazilian community in the United States; To do more than just help.


To meet the needs of our customers, exceed expectations and fulfill desires; offering much more than just products and services. Our goal is to provide the utmost transparency, trust, and satisfaction.


Participative Management
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Social Responsibility and Respect

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